Air Arabia’s New Direct Destination (Beirut-Abu Dhabi)

On October 28, 2022, Air Arabia and SAAD Transport celebrated the opening of a new flight route between Beirut and Abu Dhabi. The event was attended by Minister of Tourism Mr. Walid Nassar, President of the Association of Travel Agencies and Tourism Jean Aboud, President of the Association of Hoteliers Pierre Achraoui, Deputy Airport Director Tony Ghussein, Airport Air Transport Director Carl Rizk, Air Arabia’s Commercial Manager in Lebanon Maggie Morani, officials from Air Arabia in Lebanon and Abu Dhabi, activists, representatives of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation in Lebanon, and travel agency owners.

In his speech, Mr. Ghassan Saad, CEO of SAAD Transport praised Nasser’s efforts to revitalize tourism in Lebanon. He noted that the occasion was also to celebrate the 19th anniversary of the founding of Air Arabia and the fifth anniversary of the cooperation between SAAD Transport and Air Arabia. He also announced the opening of a new flight route between Yerevan and Beirut on December 9.

Air Arabia’s General Manager in Abu Dhabi, Jamal Abdel Nasser El Masry, also spoke at the event. He praised the cooperation with SAAD Transport a well-established Lebanese company. He wished the two companies a successful future and said that Air Arabia always has new initiatives, which will be reflected in the opening of the new flight route between Beirut and Yerevan in December.

El Masry also noted that Beirut is a very vibrant market and that the flight route between Beirut and Abu Dhabi is essential. He also praised the constructive and ongoing cooperation between the UAE and Lebanese civil aviation authorities. He spoke about Air Arabia Abu Dhabi, which was founded with the support of the Abu Dhabi sovereign fund. He said that the company has high aspirations and that it has come a long way since its difficult beginnings in 2020, when it started with one flight and three weekly flights. After two years, Air Arabia Abu Dhabi has eight aircraft and 27 destinations, which will be crowned with the new Beirut-Abu Dhabi flight route.

In conclusion, the opening of the new flight route between Beirut and Abu Dhabi is a significant development for both countries. It will boost tourism and trade between Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates. It is also a testament to the strong cooperation between the two countries.

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